Add To Your Registry

Capture the fleeting beauty of your wedding day by adding the timeless gift of bouquet preservation art to your wedding registry. Elevate your cherished memories as your bridal bouquet transforms into a stunning piece of art, meticulously preserved to showcase the essence of your special day. With this unique addition to your registry, you're not just receiving a service; you're investing in a lasting symbol of love and celebration. Encourage your loved ones to contribute to the creation of a bespoke keepsake that will adorn your home, preserving the magic of your wedding day for years to come. Elevate the artistry of your union with the thoughtful and enduring gift of bouquet preservation.


The Knot:

1. Create a Traditional Registry:
- Start by creating a traditional wedding registry on The Knot.
- Add other gifts and items you'd like for your wedding.

2. Add a Custom Item for Bouquet Preservation:
- Since The Knot may not have a specific category for bouquet preservation, you can add a custom item.
- Label the item as "Wedding Bouquet Preservation Service" and include details in the description.

3. Provide Details:
- In the item description, share information about the preservation service, including the process, customization options, and contact details for the preservation service provider.



1. Create a Zola Registry:
- Sign up on Zola and create your wedding registry.

2. Add a Customized Item:
- Similar to The Knot, Zola allows you to add custom items to your registry.
- Create a custom item titled "Wedding Bouquet Preservation Service."

3. Include Details:
- In the item description, provide comprehensive information about the preservation service, pricing, and any other relevant details.
- Add a link or contact information for the preservation service provider.

1. Register on
- Sign up and create your wedding registry on

2. Add a Custom Gift:
- allows you to add gifts from any store or service.
- Create a custom gift and label it as "Wedding Bouquet Preservation Service."

3. Add Information:
- Provide details about the preservation service in the gift description.
- Include information on how guests can contribute or contact the preservation service provider.


Remember to communicate with your guests about this unique registry item. You may want to include a note on your wedding website or registry page explaining your interest in preserving your bouquet and how they can contribute to this specific gift.

Additionally, directly contacting the preservation service and informing them of your registry on these platforms may facilitate coordination and communication between you, the preservation service, and your guests.